ZeusAdvisor is an innovative and unique travel website.

ZeusAdvisor’s born in 2015 thanks to the personal needs of its team to have in a unique website all the information and instruments which may help travelers in planning a trip without “jumping” from site to site anymore to book flights, hotels, holidays, tours, cars, trains, and much more. The decennial professional experience of some members of the team in the travel and tourism fields, the fact that they were daily in contact with travelers, knowing their specific needs while planning a trip for leisure or just for business, let them understand that even people who are not familiar with internet must have the chance to plan their trip indipendently: at this purpose the website must be easy to use and intuitive.

ZeusAdvisor gives the opportunity to plan the trip from Z to A: Travelers may finally plan their entire trip in only one site: they may book flights, hotels, trains, bus tours, cruises, rent a car, read and print travel guides specific for the destination they’re going to visit, even little villages! Specific and uncommon road trips, itineraries for every kind of traveler, bike tours, sailing tours, pilgrimage, ecc. are suggested.

We believe that each travel must be suitable to each traveler: ZeusAdvisor has included specific pages dedicated to the different types of travelers, like kids, green-lovers, fans of thrillers, of extreme sports, golf players. You can also buy tickets for worldwide events, like congress, fairs, concerts, ecc.

ZeusAdvisor is easy and simple to use, all you need in only one site!

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