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ZeusAdvisor is very different from other travel sites. In fact, it is very intuitive, easy and fast to book. You have just to select the page you want to visit and you will be directed to what you’re searching for. Start doing it: it’s easier than writing!
You have several pages dedicated not just to the flights, hotels, cars, ecc. like many other travel websites, but also to specific issues which you will find out day by day. Just for mentioning a few, there are pages for tree hotels, green hotels,eco-ski lodges,luxury trains, budget hotels, boutique hotels, home swap, short city guides,and much more. Also, you may find a forum, write reviews. You will discover a new way of travel!
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To become a member, click the “Login/ Sign up” link at the top of all ZeusAdvisor pages. Membership is free and lets you post reviews and ask and answer questions in the forums.
You can create a ZeusAdvisor account by providing your email address and choosing a password.
Booking a hotel room is very simple. Go to the page you’re interested in (hotels, eco-friendly hotel, tree hotels, ecc.) and search for the room through the search engine on the top of the page: you’ll be able directly access more specific information and descriptions from our partners.
Further, you may be able also to select the continent (Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania) in which you’re searching for a hotel: this simplifies your research! In fact, once you selected the continent, you continue by selecting the destination and the dates of your stay; this way a list of available properties is displayed.
So, you have two ways to book: by using a general booking engine, or by selecting the continent where you want to travel to and booking through a dedicated search engine.Start booking with ZeusAdvisor!
While ZeusAdvisor can help you book a hotel room, a flight, a car, ecc. – we’re unable to change or update the reservation once it is made since we are not a travel agent, nor a tour operator. Any changes or updates would need to be made with the appropriate booking partner.  Please check your confirmation e-mail, where you’ll find a phone number and appropriate contact information for assistance.
If you’ve tried to connect with the booking partner or hotel that accepted your reservation and are experiencing difficulty, please let us know.
ZeusAdvisor reservation service is completely free. Subscription to the newsletter is also free. ZeusAdvisor does not charge for searching for accommodations, flights, cars, ecc. or for making, modifying or cancelling bookings.
You have so many things to search for, but only one way to search for!
In fact, at the home page you may select what you’re interested in, i.e. flights, hotels,cars,trains,ecc. Every page contains a search engine provided by our partners through which you may be able to proceed with bookings and/or purchases. Also, you may find ZeusAdvisor Highlights on each page, and much more. For any further assistance you may contact us through the form at the bottom of each page.

Sure we can, and so can hundreds of ZeusAdvisor members who have traveled all around the world and love to share their experiences! There are many resources to help you learn more about a new destination:

  • for specific needs, email us at [email protected];
  • through “Top City Attractions” and the special page “1.2.3 days in…”;
  • through our Forum, where travellers all around the world like you and the destination experts may register for free for giving suggestions and “ideas”, helping each other;
  • for places to eat go to ZeusAdvisor “Where to eat?”

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